Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why blog? My plate is already full!

As I begin this blog, I'm asking myself, "Why?" Between my work and family, I already feel overcommitted. Sometimes, I'm feel like Gumby, stretched, contorted, and very green. I've been reading and viewing a lot about a growth-mindset. So now,with this mindset, I've chosen to identify with Elastigirl from The Incredibles, still stretched and contorted, but also purposeful and powerful. (Now, you have a glimpse into my quirky personality.)
Okay, I'm an "Incredible", but, still, why blog? My job, as a ToSA, has given me wonderful opportunities to learn, share, and, hopefully, inspire. As educators embark on a voyage through new technology tools, strategies, and teaching structures, being a ToSA also gives me great sense of responsibility. I want to prepare my teachers and students to be ready for our ever-changing world. That being said, I need to be mindful of on what and how I focus my energies with my school. That requires me to be reflective, organized, and curious, the very same traits that I desire for my teachers and students. How do I get this with my students? I tell them to take their thoughts to writing. In the writing process, we discover ourselves, our beliefs, and who we want to be.

So, finally, an answer! This blog is my way to take my thoughts to writing, in order to keep me reflective, organized and curious as I tackle new projects.

Project #1 for 2015: Taking my middle school staff and students into the amazing world of GAFE. I will be developing PD for them to learn and use Google Apps, including Google Classroom. I believe, that taking this leap into a "Googlely" world, has the potential to change how how we teach and learn, for the better.

The intended audience for this blog is me, myself and I, but if you have stumbled upon it and have a similar interest, follow me on my journey to "ignite passion for learning."

Needless to say, this blog reflects my own personal beliefs.